[kde-edu]: Further development of kde-edu/Open jobs page

Eric Pignet eric.pignet at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 09:30:06 CEST 2005


Le 20/06/2005 21:27 Peter Hedlund a écrit :
> On a more advanced level what needs to be done is a vocabulary data 
> class that can be shared between the two programs and other programs 
> using the kvtml format so that the same files can be used in any program 
> without risking data loss. I have one person (at least I think so) 
> working on this with focus on KWordQuiz, but more needs to be done.

I am the person (at least I think so), I'm developping the new classes
for handling vocabularies. It includes a document class, an expression
class, and classes for import/export.
These classes aim to be shared in LibKdeEdu, so that any app which
handles vocabularies can (and should) use them.
When they are finished, I plan to make at least KWordQuiz use them,
but maybe KVocTrain too.

> This data class then needs to be expanded to allow the use of images and 
> sounds for flashcard-type programs. A good data class can/should/will 
> probably be one of the corner stones in the educational framework we 
> always keep talking about...

As Peter and others, I think that the KVTML format is not flexible
enough. I think a future job will be to design a new version of the
format, with less XML attributes, which can handle images, sounds, a
variable number of traductions of one word in the same language (asked
in b.k.o)...


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