[kde-edu]: Re: branches/work/kde4

Sebastian Stein seb_stein at gmx.de
Fri Jun 17 13:29:17 CEST 2005

Laurent Montel <montel at kde.org> [050617 13:21]:
> > We were concerned about not removing the existing work.  In fact, our
> > original idea was to move the branch, not remove it.  However, we were
> > told that this was unnecessary since SVN preserves the deleted branch.
> > Only when we were assured that the existing work would not be lost, did
> > we even consider deleting the branch.
> Ok I understand. But how restore it after re-create kde4/kdeedu ?

It should be possible with subversion. You just compare the revision when it
was removed with the current state then.

> > Please understand our motivation for this: the current 3.5 branch of
> > kdeedu is not static, we expect to make substantial changes to it
> > between now and the 3.5 freeze.  We are worried that, when it comes time
> > to port to Qt4, the kde4 and kde-3.5 branches will have diverged so far
> > as to make the merge very difficult. 
> it was not possible to make merge as for other kde4 module ?

The problem is that many kdeedu apps are maintained just by single
developers. Also those developers are not all core kde developers, so they
will need several more months to install a Qt4 and some kde4 libs. From the
discussions in this list you can see, that many kdeedu developers still have
to get used to subversion.

> > It will be much easier to merge 
> > when the "old" branch is no longer being developed.  We are simply
> > trying to send the signal that we are not yet ready to have kdeedu move
> > toward qt4 at this time.
> So why do you created this branchs ?
> kdepim guys didn't create this branch because they thought that it's not 
> possible to develop 3.5 and 4.0.

I don't know who created the branch and I'm too lazy to look it up. I guess
it was created by default when the kde4 branch was created. At least nobody
asked us here around if we want to start already porting. I have removed my
app from the kdeedu4 branch already some days ago, because I definetly have
no time to do any porting. And I also don't think that much porting will be
needed for my small app.

> > I hope you will contribute to the kdeedu porting effort when the time
> > comes, if you have time.  That's totally up to you, though, of course.
> I was irritated a little yesterday evening, therefore my answer was 
> exaggerated a little.

No problem!

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