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Rinse de Vries rinsedevries at kde.nl
Tue Jul 12 00:28:32 CEST 2005

Op maandag 11 juli 2005 16:12, schreef u:
> Hello Rinse

Hello Trenton,

I CC this to Jaap, who asked the original question.

> > One of our translators of the Dutch translation team has some questions  
> > about
> > kmathtool.
> > Can he address those questions to you?
> >
> > Kind regards, Rinse
> He could, but as Anne-Marie noted there is bound to be very big changes to
>   KMathTool in the near future. KMathTool is not ready for translations
> yet.

Okay :)

Dunno if the questions are still valid, given the state of the development, 
but I send them to you anyway, perhaps the issues are still there :o)

Here it is:
Dear maintainer of KMathtool,

I have taken up the task of translating KMathTool into Dutch, as I did for 
some other mathematical and astronomical programs, especially in the kdeedu 
packet, and I have a question:

translating kmathareaperimeter I came upon this msgid (#8):

Warning: Two of the entered side-lengths are shorter than the third.\n
This cannot be a triangle.

This message is very confusing: In any (irregular) triangle there is a side of 
which the length is longer  than that of the other sides.

I think that you want to say that one side is longer than the sum of the two 
other ones, and then it makes sense of course.

Please contact me if I have got something wrong somehow :)

I have another question: what exactly do you mean with a "regular rectangle"?
The only regular rectangle that I can think of is a square, which is a 
rectangle of which all sides are equal. But it's clear that here any 
rectangle is intended, with sides of which the lengths are a & b

in Holland usually l & b for lengte and breedte are used, but in an 
international program it is of course difficult to accomodate all 
languages :)

and a not necessarily equal to b, and squares are mentioned separately.

I translate regular rectangles without the regular thing to again avoid 
confusion. Of course I'll repair that if I have this all wrong :)

Translating kmathline in the last msgid (#48) I come across

Click this for equations from gradient and one point

which suggests that more than one (straight) line with a given gradient can go 
through a point, which I believe is not true.

I also wonder whether in English it is correct to call a straight line just a 
line, in Dutch a line can be any line, crooked, segmented or whatever. In the 
translation I use the Dutch equivalent of straight line (rechte lijn) all the 
time, though the short version (rechte) is often used in practice, but I do 
not consider this correct for young pupils.

I very much hope that I am not considered a bit bitchy, I only want to 
translate your program as well as I can, and maybe my remarks can help you
iron out some confusing things in it and it's documentation.

Please keep up the good work. I understand that you and your contributors 
intend to create a wonderful program and I am happy to do the translations 
into Dutch, so the Dutch children too can profit from your work.

Greetings from Jaap Woldringh
<jjh  DOT woldringh AT planet DOT nl>

I also want to tell you that I am perfectly happy to communicate with you on 
KMathTool, with the objective of doing a good translation for it into Dutch 
and helping the development with constructive remarks if I come across 
anything not clear to me :)

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