[kde-edu]: KVTML

Joshua Keel joshuakeel at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 04:08:02 CEST 2005

Hi Peter,

I've been developing a KDE Edu app (playground/edu/kanagram) lately
which uses KVTML. However, I've run into some problems using KVTML. I
need to develop an editor for it (and I've seen some code which does
that in KWordQuiz), but this code is not in libkdeedu. Also, my app
needs descriptions for its vocabulary files. Is there a file
description tag in KVTML? If so, there's no way to access that data in
libkdeedu. IMO, there needs to be a way to access such data. I propose
the following:

1. Move the KVTMLWriter class from KWordQuiz into libkdeedu
2. If there isn't already a way to describe a file, add one to the format
3. Add ways to access commonly used data such as a file description in libkdeedu
4. Consider renaming the KEduVocData class to KVTMLReader, or
something more appropriate

I'd like to get your opinion on all this, as well as opinions from the
rest of the Edu team. I've CC'ed the mailing list for this purpose.

Joshua Keel

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