[kde-edu]: Anouncing the 0.1.0 release of the stopmotion educational software.

Fredrik Berg Kjølstad fredrik.kjoelstad at hig.no
Mon Feb 28 18:43:43 CET 2005

The second release of stopmotion is now completed and a screenshot plus 
the debian package can be found at our webpage:

Stopmotion is an educational software developed for the debian-edu/slx 
debian organization.

It is aimed at primary and secondary schools and allows the students to 
learn about animations through easily creating stop motion animations 

The following additional features are now added since the first release:
-Playing and capturing of frames from a video4linux device
-Selecting frames as groups
-Moving/removing frames as groups.
-Copying frames (thanks to Ole-Anders Andreassen for this suggestion)
-Go to frame functionality (CTRL-G)
-Undo/redo (partially)

In addition most of the features from the 0.0.1 release have been 
enhanced and optimized quite a lot.

Video export is currently not yet supported, but is partially completed 
in the code and will be included in the next release. Except from this 
the program is now quite useful for creating stopmotion animations with 
most of the requested features working at some level.

We would ask that people download and try the software so that we can 
get bug-reports and suggestions for additional features. In addition, if 
anyone wants to participate in any way (translating, etc) you are more 
than welcome!

Fredrik Berg Kjoelstad and Bjoern Erik Nilsen

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