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Trenton Carr trentoncarr at telkomsa.net
Sat Feb 19 22:59:37 CET 2005

On Fri, 18 Feb 2005 23:37:38 -0600, M Gehl <mjgehl at gmail.com> wrote:

> Is the KMathTool project still active? If so, is the goal of the app
> to provide math tools, tutorials or both? I'm looking to get involved
> in a KDE project and would like help with this one.


I'm working on KMathTool and your help will be appreciated.
The code in cvs is about two months out of date (I can't get cvs to work  
on my side + winmodem). I just got an external modem today so I'm going to  
try again this weekend to see if I can do cvs co.

The difference between my local and cvs is that KMathTool was been  
re-written as KParts with each section on its own tab. I've also added  
more section, thanks to Jason (KStars), KMathTool now calculates and plots  
Hyperbola ,Parabola and Straight lines as well as calculates the  
intercepts with each other.

I've also started a visual trigonometry calculator that calculates the  
sin, cos, tan, cot, sec, cosec of theta on screen while plotting the trig  
triangle. I am looking at adding Pythagoras to that.

Once all the sections are complete I'am looking at incorporating Wikipedia  
data as theory notes inside the relevant sections either as scrolling  
theory hints or as browsable khtml part, with possible SMIL content. You  
can help me with this if you want or anything that strikes your fancy. If  
you need I can mail you the latest sources, just ask off list.

I'am also desperate for some artwork if anyone is interested.



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