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Fri Aug 19 03:28:31 CEST 2005

Kstars may potentially find this useful.  What can you tell us about the
memory/cpu performace compared to using long doubles and long ints?


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> Subject: [kde-edu]: KNumber-Library
> From: Klaus Niederkrueger <kniederk at math.uni-koeln.de>
> Date: Thu, August 18, 2005 6:45 am
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> Hi,
> I'm developing for the KDE-3.5 release a wrapper library of the GNU
> Multiprecision library (GMP) to be used by the KCalc calculator.
> Now I was thinking whether it might be useful for other projects, too. At
> this stage it is still in development, but most features already work and
> can be tested. (Please test it!)
> The library defines a class called "KNumber" which encapsulates more or
> less transparently (arbitrary length) integers, fractions or floating
> point numbers, and error events. You can find the library in
> kdeutils/kcalc/knumber
> An example that covers most features can be found in
> kdeutils/kcalc/knumber/tests/knumbertest
> I would appreciate any comments: Could this be useful for you? What can be
> enhanced? How should the API look like etc. etc.
> Greetings
> 	Klaus
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