[kde-edu]: [KDE4] Edu-Shell like Kontact

Carsten Niehaus cniehaus at kde.org
Thu Aug 11 17:58:01 CEST 2005


Some of us will be in Malaga in about three month. This is at least Pino, 
Albert, Danny and myself. I would like to kick off a discussion about 
creating a KDE Edu-Shell for kdeedu just like Kontact. In Kontact, every app 
is a KPart (KMail is, KOrganizer is and so on). All apps can of course also 
be used standalone, eg. without starting the "pim-shell" kontact.
In my idea, every application of kdeedu would become a KPart as well and the 
edu-shell (better names welcome ;-) would just be the glue.

- As KDE4/Qt4 will force us to change some internal things if we want or not 
this is a good time to make such a big step
- The applications would appear (and actually be) much more integrated
- "KDE-Edu" would have a new meaning just like Kontact was a *big* step for 
kdepim. KDE-Edu would mean: "The kde-suite created to help my children" or 
something like that

- Extra work required for KDE4
- The apps would become more complex internally as they would all need some 
magic of DCOP and KParts
- Some of us have probably no idea how to use KParts and/or DCOP

Some comments: 
* How often has it been discussed that we need something like "KMath" where 
all math-like-applications would be integrated into one big app. This is the 
chance, in my opinion.

* I think Albert, Pino, Danny and myself could do quite a lot in Malaga to 
push this forward. As we have a good "archetype" (kdepim) it shouldn't be 
*that* difficult

* This move could/should obsolete the current discussion on kde-core-devel


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