[kde-edu]: Re: kvoctrain: rudimentary keyboard layout switching patch DOES NOT WORK

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Mon Sep 6 15:12:58 CEST 2004

Hi Ewald,

I tested the patch but some things did not work.

1) On a clean kvoctrain run (i.e kvoctrainrc removed)
kvoctrain: enabled? false
kvoctrain: kxkb not enabled

even if I have keyboard layouts working (us and fr flags in the systray)

I have to add manually a language for it to be recognized.
So: big bug

2) Why the
in LangOptPage.cpp?
It makes a blank entry in the combobox before listing the languages keyboard 

3) how in the Language Options dialog is the keyboard layout supposed to 
be applied? I find it is not applied on Ok but when you edit an entry in the 
kvoctrain main window.
Are these settings independent from the global settings? If the user selects a 
language in KVocTrain that is not enabled from KControl, should it work in 
KVocTrain only? For example I have us and fr. If I choose es in kvoctrain, 
will it work?

In LangOptPage.cpp, line 799 I see:
  // doesn't work yet
  if (d_shortName->count() != 0 && d_kblayout->isEnabled()) {

4) No accel key in the dialog in Keyboard Layout

5) No doc for this feature (I offered to do this when the patch works)

So this patch at the moment introduces more bugs than it fixes things.
If not fixed I ask for it to be reversed. I asked all that to the author, 
that's why I did not commit it.

6) another bug: KVocTrain does not reopen the last file nor does it put it in 
the Recent Files menu.

I hope you'll fix things as I am not able to do it or to reverse the patch.

Thanks in advance,


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