[kde-edu]: kvoctrain: rudimentary keyboard layout switching patch

Felix Berger bflat1 at gmx.net
Fri Sep 3 22:56:10 CEST 2004

> Now for the test. It said kxkb was not enabled for me but I use keyboard
> layouts. Maybe I don't know what kxkb is.

In kcontrol, in the category Regional & Accessibility there is an entry called 
"Keyboard Layout". If you activate the checkbox "Enable keyboard layouts" in 
the "Layout" tab and click the apply button, kxkb is started in the system 
tray. I guess you have to select a couple of layouts and add them to the list 
of active layouts first for kxkb to work properly. 

Clicking on the kxkb icon one can change the current keyboard layout setting. 
It also exports its functionality via dcop. That's what I used.

> That means that you should also amend the corresponding doc, that would be
> really good.

I hope the above description helps to get it to work. The existing code is 
barely commented so I didn't want to break the prevailing style guide ;-)

> Remarks:
> 1) Keyboard Layout should have an accel key in the Settings dialog like
> &Keyboard Layout for ex. I can also fix that.

I think kvoctrain unfortunately has far more severe usability issues than 
this :-( But of course, I can add it to my patch.

> 2) The config elements should now be in the kvoctrain.kcfg file but I can
> fix that later.

I don't have any experiences with the konfigXT stuff and the code didn't look 
like it was ported to the new paradigm. Some help here would definitely be 

> So if you could send me a patch for the doc, that'll enable me to test
> further while updating the doc. I know this is no fun... Or send me a text
> about how to use the new setting and I'll include it in the doc.

I hope the description above suffices, otherwise let me now.

> If you would like to maintain it, you are more than welcome. KDE 3.4 will
> be out beginning 2005 with freeze probably at the end of November. If you
> think you can clean the code (port to xmlGUI mainly) for KDE 3.4, that
> would be a very nice objective. If you have other ideas, you're more than
> welcome. If there is no maintainer it could stay for 3.4 but not for 4.0.

Thanks for the offer. I think KDE needs/looks better with a good vocabulary 
trainer and I'd hate to see kvoctrain be thrown out when KDE 4.0 comes. But 
maintaining kvoctrain's code doesn't seem to be a picnic either. I'll think 
about it and have a more thourough look at the code...

Use Debian GNU/Linux!

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