[kde-edu]: kbruch UI

Marc Heyvaert marc_heyvaert at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 31 18:10:28 CET 2004


Just jumping in...

--- Sebastian Stein <seb_stein at gmx.de> wrote:

> Well, it is possible. But I don't like to measure
> the speed. I think if you
> practice, take the time you need. Getting faster
> comes with the time. So
> doing an exercise under time pressure is in general
> not a good thing, I
> think.

I agree, but it would be nice to have a test modus
that measures the time too, possibly with a maximum
per exercise. It could be implemented by adding a
'test'-button. When pressed this button would start
the test for which the settings could be included in
the general program setting. An example would be a
test of 20 exercises with a maximum of 30 seconds per
exercise. When hitting the test button the statistics
would be put to zero and at the end of the 20
exercises the program would stop generating new tasks
and offer the possibility to save or print the
test-statistics. The 'esc'-key could take you out of
the test if you really don't want to continue. So the
program could be used in a free-style-go-as-you-please
mode or in a more controled test-mode.


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