[kde-edu]: Fixes in code

Matthias Meßmer bmlmessmer at web.de
Mon Oct 18 14:42:01 CEST 2004

Hi all!

In http://www.icefox.net/kde/tests/report.html I found:

> Invalid XML in KConfigXT files - Tests kcfg files for xml validity.


> kmplot.kcfg:12: element entry: validity error : Element entry content does 
not follow the DTD, expecting (parameter? , label? , whatsthis? , choices? , 
code? , default* , min? , max?), got (label default whatsthis )

and many more of lines like this.

As the "?" in the DTD [1] says the "missing" tags are optional. For example 
the tag <code> should even be used as seldom as possible.[2]

We should at least define the tags <label> and <whatsthis> for each <entry> 


[1] http://www.kde.org/standards/kcfg/1.0/kcfg.dtd

[2] "Common Pitfalls and Tips" section of 

KmPlot: mathematical function plotter

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