[kde-edu]: Looking for programmer for teacher handheld and desktop-software

Birgit Schulz schulz.b at gmx.de
Thu Nov 25 22:44:56 CET 2004


a longer time ago I startet a project to code for me a program for my zaurus. 
I'm teacher and I was looking for a program that should help me in my daily 
work to make notices and organize them. So I started a Qt-Project - later 
changed to KDE - for the desktop-program called KTEACHi. For the data I use 
The program isn't yet finished but there already some nice features.

The problem now is that I'm too busy to continue the project. And I'm looking 
for somebody who is interested to continue it.

What needs to be done:
- some planed and gui-prepared features are not yet working
- at the moment some features are very close to the german grading-system
- the interface is german
- the porting to qt for zaurus ... the gui is at the moment too big for the
- preferences to make the app more flexible
- calculating with the grades
- ...

I also wanted to add some OpenOffice.org-Makros to make work easier.

I have many ideas for the features, but not enough time for it. I'm willing to 
help sometimes, but not eveytime.

Birgit Lachner

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