[kde-edu]: KVocTrain maintainer

Marc Heyvaert marc_heyvaert at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 14 07:39:58 CET 2004

Hello Jason,

--- Jason Harris <kstars at 30doradus.org> wrote:

> I am trying to learn to speak (Mandarin) Chinese,
> and I have been using 
> kvoctrain to organize my phrases.  If it would be
> useful, I can offer 
> my chinese/english kvoctrain file to become one of
> the "standard" 
> lessons Marc is talking about.  The Chinese words
> are written in Pinyin 
> (a phonetic alphabet using roman letters), not in
> Chinese characters.

Thank you for your kind offer. I was thinking of a
kvoctrain file that has pinyin with the characters as
a second language, english would be the original. Your
file could be a good start, so please send it to me

However the most important issue related to content is
copyright. If you have made your vocabulary out of the
words of a book or computer program to learn chinese,
we can not publish the file without being in breach of
the copyright law. So the important question becomes
'What is the source of your collection of words and



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