[kde-edu]: Need help to develop a new app...

Fabien Olivry fabien.olivry at netcourrier.com
Sat Nov 6 17:44:19 CET 2004


Thanks for the answers.
This wouldn't be similar to Klatin. What I intend to do is to create a 
couple of applications for each type of exercise, each would be an 
interface allowing to create web pages that could then be uploaded to a 
server. The idea is just that the interface would allow the teacher to 
input the words or questions and these would be included into the html 
or .js file... These programs could be used for basically all subjects 
and mostly language learning... Similar tools under ms are really useful 
to teachers but there's nothing free and nothing similar under linux as 
far as I know, ( I have all the educations rpm that I could download...).
So far, I have the following type of scripts : wordsearch, hangman, 
multiple choice, close and with a little bit of time I could create more 
or collect some GPLed ones...
As I said, I'm no programmer, I tried to create an interface with 
QT3designer for the wordsearch with a Keditlistbox... Well interface is 
OK but  without help there's nothing I can do... Someone told me to 
learn python and use it to create the rest of the app but I really need 
help on how to do that and how to interface the ui with the program and 
how to do the program, I'm willing to learn but would need someone to 
help me get started...
The features I need is to have the people able to input their words and 
from there create the html file that would combine user's data with the 
segments of HTML and JS files... They may need also to be able to save 
their list to a (xml?) file that they could reimport if they want to 
reedit their exercice and some dialog boxes to create links...
Well I don't know if I managed to explain the global idea but basically 
just an authoring tool to create web pages of exercises...

Thanks for openschoolweb.de, there are some new scripts that could be 
Have a nice day,

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