[kde-edu]: KWordQuiz

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Mon Mar 8 19:39:57 CET 2004

Hi Peter,

Here is your first bug, the Quality Team guys detected it. I made an entry for 
KWordQuiz in the bugs database. Several people in the Quality team compiled 
KWordQuiz and tested it. 

1. Start kwordquiz up
2. It opens with no entries in the wordlist.

3. Now choose an item from the Menu Go To . It doesn't matter which one but do 
it twice and it crashes. That happens every time i do this (using Shortcut 
F7 , F7 works to)

(a similar problem arises if you choose Multiple Choice [F8] if you have less 
than three entries in the wordlist)

If you have at least one entry in the word list it works well, but not with an 
empty one. Simplest workaround would be to disable those Actions if the 
wordlist is empty.
The problem arises somewhere in the method 
void KWordQuizApp::updateSession(WQQuiz::QuizType qt)
in the file kwordquiz.cpp

Maybe they'll enter it in the bugs database or send you a more complete 
Otherwise, the reports are good. The doc is coherent and easy to read, the 
program is easy to use :)



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