[kde-edu]: Re: New Maths App

Surabaja Johnny surabaja at myrealbox.com
Mon Jun 28 09:25:56 CEST 2004

on 2004-06-23 Tales Pinheiro de Andrade wrote:

>But this content must stay in the computer or in a server, loaded dinamycly? [...]

I feel that the content should be in the computer when running the app, but it should be downloadable from educational "content servers". A menu entry would allow to search the server(s). Let's assume that the content is stored in a yum repository. The search would result in

yum search: trigonometria, portuguese

or something to that effect. If such object exist a menu entry will allow me to load the content (and update it whenever a new version is released):

yum install: trig_elem-por-1.0.0

The object is a collection of files. The course structure (lessons, units, Theory page, Teaching Application page...) must somehow be defined. Maybe the grammar for describing this data can be defined in XML, as one could do for a assembly/subassembly/parts list.

Navigation through the pages, session hold/resume (on multiple courses), pupil/tutor's notes on specific page, addition of personal homework pages, study plan, progress check, etc... these are all functions that could be handled by the application: indeed anything that applies equally well to trigonometry in portuguese, or geography in khmer, should be part of the application. The rest is content.

What is in a page? maybe anything (self-contained) that can be displayed in the app's 3 sections. Anything produced with external tools, as long as it has passed a "validity check" included with the application (here one could impose any required restriction).

Let's start with a simple example: kids with ADD can be very brilliant, but do need visually simple screens. Say that a teacher doesn't find any suitable teaching material in spanish. She writes few simple html pages. The app provides a way for organizing the pages into Theory pages, Teaching Application pages, units, lessons, and creates the XML description. Incidentally, the teacher includes also a single good animation taken from trig_elem-por-1.0.0, and a couple of Tools pages for angles conversions from the application's math plug-ins list.

Now the content (trig_add-spa-1.0.0) exists and can be used locally. The teacher may later on decide to submit the content (excluding the homework and personal notes) to a teachers association server, for peer review. It will then be moved to the main server and become available to everyone.

Do you think that all this is feasible, or is it too much to ask for? My knowledge of the underlying technology is somewhat cursory. Maybe, if we think big and start small...

Also, after re-reading Trenton's app broad description, I realize that the described approach may be different from what you are envisioning, or maybe not? Reminds me of the five blind men and the elephant...

thank you!


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