[kde-edu]: Re: New Maths App

Surabaja Johnny surabaja at myrealbox.com
Wed Jun 23 11:53:15 CEST 2004

> From: "M2George"

> the criteria to get any software accepted in any school is _very_ strict

I guess the standards vary widely from country to country. Here in Italy, I took a very down-to-earth approach with my 12 years old son's needs: I built a custom piece of furniture equipped with a dual boot PC (the monitor can slide back and forward :-) and brought the whole thing in his classroom. The teachers would have happily accepted any software, as long as it was easy to use. Some teachers were reluctant to adopt foreign language software. 

> better to plan for a application that will assist the school in their work rather than to replace it.

I agree, and I have not been able to find such an application around. My son's teachers are now striving  to do their best with Derive and Cabri-Geometre: pieces of software which are way apart from the "framework" idea that we have been discussing here. What we (pupils, teachers, parents) would need is something that glues together the learning experience: school time, homework time, and specific lessons/exercises which depend on local culture, single pupil needs, course of instruction.

I think there is a demand for that. A lot of european taxpayer's money has gone into educational software: see http://ica.cordis.lu/search and search for "education" in "Exploitable Results". But... where is the software???

> If you'd like to help,  we're looking to change as many Maths apps to kparts as possible to include in the maths toolbox.

Yes I would, if I could, I surely would... (el condor pasa :-). Last time I did some serious coding was back in '88, in the telecom industry... Anyway, I will do whatever I can to help: if nothing else contributing user perspective, translations, documentation, testing.



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