[kde-edu]: about Kalzium

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Tue Jun 8 15:00:36 CEST 2004


About the features and the fact that Kalzium offers less features: I thing 
it's sad but if Kalzium works correctly by the 14th July it'll be OK. Fact is 
that  I am not sure how you can revert now, as we are in 
feature-not-in-the-plan freeze.
If you were to do such a thing, please ask a sysadmin to do it as I don't know 
if it's permitted.

> About the quiz: Thanks to Ernst Klein I do have about 600
> questions, all with 4 answers of which one is true. All
> are in german. I don't know whether or not to put them
> in cvs. 
Don't forget to give Ernst credits.
> In a perfect world 
> users would create the tasks and I would put them on
> edu.kde.org. Having 600*5 = 3000 strings is pretty extreme
> IMHO. What do you think?
The questions/answers cannot be translated from German.

 What you need to do in my opinion is:

- ship Kalzium with a few questions in english (ask someone in th german i18n 
to translate some)

- put the german quiz in i18n-de (data/kdeedu/kalzium) and install it with a 
Makefile.am so all German users will get it

- use KNewStuff to intall quiz questions in the future. In the future (4.0), 
KNewStuff will also offer the possibility to upload things

UPDATE ON KNEWSTUFF: there will be some translation capibility in KnewStuff 
files on the KNewStuff website, this is in progress, there will be an article 
on the dot about that.
And we'll be able to use the KNewStuff website to store files and data. More 
on that soon! 

- add something about quiz questions on Kalzium website so people know how to 
create a quiz and where to send it or how to translate one.

There is still a lot of work to do in Kalzium. The Quiz dialog needs a Close 
button, the colors are quite too bright (background for the information), 
there is no QToolTips and WhatsThis help in some dialogs that would need 
it... I tried to work on it but as you are not here it's too difficult, I did 
not have the time to understand how all the classes are related and what they 
About the information on left click: I have one information on left click and 
one on right click, is it a feature or a bug? If In settings there is Less 
Information on left-click then I have more information on right click.
The More information dialog has a Close button but not the Less dialog, why?

The StatusBar should show some informations about units for example or what 
state we are in.
There are no Toolbar but yet a Configure ToolBar dialog. I would like to see 
the Toolbar back (I can implement it if you want). I can do the StatusBar as 

That's all for now, this is the stuff that should need fixed in priority. I 
can help for the GUI-related problems. Just send me a private mail and assign 
me some tasks please :)


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