[kde-edu]: more problems with KNewStuff

Dominique Devriese devriese at kde.org
Wed Jun 2 09:31:49 CEST 2004

Jason Harris writes:

> Hello, I have subclassed my own KNewStuff (named KSNewStuff), and
> with the help of others, I have gotten to the point where I can
> actually retrieve a tarball and have it installed under KDEHOME.

> The next step is to incorporate the new data into the program.
> There are several different data files that can be downloaded, and
> the program must behave differently in each case.  To handle this, I
> wanted to use the 'created(QString)' signal of a KDirWatch object,
> monitoring the .../share/apps/kstars/ dir.  This is connected to a
> Slot in KSNewStuff that does the various installation steps, based
> on the filename of the newly created file.

> That's the idea, but I am having trouble implementing it.  KNewStuff
> is not a QObject, so I am having trouble making a slot in
> KSNewStuff.  I am defining KSNewStuff like this:

> class KSNewStuff : public KNewStuff, public QObject

> but when compiling, I get really weird errors in ksnewstuff.moc
> (which are appended below).  I don't know what these mean, but my
> guess is that KSNewStuff is still not a QObject somehow, despite its
> inheritance.  Is that close to the right answer?  Before you ask:
> yes, I do have "Q_OBJECT" in the definition of KSNewStuff, and I
> have '#include "ksnewstuff.moc" ' at the end of ksnewstuff.cpp.

>From http://doc.trolltech.com/3.3/moc.html

  Multiple inheritance requires QObject to be first 

  If you are using multiple inheritance, moc assumes that the first
  inherited class is a subclass of QObject. Also, be sure that only the
  first inherited class is a QObject. 

      class SomeClass : public QObject, public OtherClass {

  (This limitation is almost impossible to remove; since the moc does
  not expand #include or #define, it cannot find out which one of the
  base classes is a QObject.) 


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