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Jason Harris kstars at 30doradus.org
Wed Jul 21 08:10:41 CEST 2004

CVS commit by harris: 

Attempting to fix some dialog layouts.  The Manual Focus tool's 
widgets did not stretch when the window was resized.  This is fixed.  
The What's Up Tonight tool's widgets stretch, but the window does 
not have a minimum size: it can be sized to much smaller than the 
widgets it contains.

I am unable to fix this; AFAICS, there is no difference between 
the layout code in WUTDialog's ctor:

	QFrame *page = plainPage();
	QVBoxLayout *vlay = new QVBoxLayout( page, 0, spacingHint() );
	WUT = new WUTDialogUI( page );
	vlay->addWidget( WUT );

and that in, say, FocusDialog:

	QFrame *page = plainPage();
	vlay = new QVBoxLayout( page, 0, spacingHint() );
	acd = new AddCatDialogUI(page);
	vlay->addWidget( acd );

Yet the two dialogs behave very differently: the FocusDialog window is 
constrained to be as large as the widgets within it.  The difference 
must be somewhere else, but I can't find it.  Interestingly, if you load 
kstars/kstars/tools/wutdialogui.ui in designer, then it *is* properly 
constrained to be as large as its widgets.

Any ideas on this?

CCMAIL: kstars-devel at kde.org
CCMAIL: kde-edu at kde.org

  M +8 -4      focusdialog.cpp   1.22
  M +4 -4      tools/wutdialog.cpp   1.32
  M +116 -145  tools/wutdialogui.ui   1.8

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