[kde-edu]: Re: [SPAM] [Bug 85106] New: Can not translate Download Data (Get Hot New Stuff) dialog

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Tue Jul 13 20:30:02 CEST 2004

On 13 July 2004 13:52, Jason Harris wrote:
> On Tuesday 13 July 2004 10:09 am, Jure Repinc wrote:
> > I am translating KStars from KDE 3.3.0 Beta 1 into Slovenian language. I
> > translated everything but I can't get the Download Data (Get Hot New
> > Stuff) dialog translatd.
> I guess the strings you are talking about are the ones describing the
> downloadable files?  These strings do not appear anywhere in the code; they
> are in XML files on the kstars website (CVS:
> www/areas/edu/kstars/downloads). How are we supposed to get these strings
> into the POT file?  Is there an easy way other than just manually adding
> them?
> Jason

Well, I was submitted this problem already and I asked the KNewStuff conceptor 
how to do that. The problem is that I don't understand how it works.
Here is what I know:
there is a webinterface for translators here:

I have a password and login but then I don't know what to do. When i login 
there is a 'Pending Translations' page but nothing but test in it. I don't 
know how to get the data shown here. When the data is in, I can give 
translators access and they use the web interface to translate. The only 
thing is about how do I get the data to be read?

Sorry if it does not make sense... I wish things were explained better to me 
for a 100% full use of KNewStuff but there's always a small thing that I 
don't understand which breaks it all. 


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