[kde-edu]: Kalzium: How to handle the SOM?

Peter Hedlund peter at peterandlinda.com
Sat Jul 10 21:02:03 CEST 2004

Hi Carsten,

Here are some thoughts:

> When you are in Kalzium you have 5 different looks (like the groups or the
> blocks) and also the State of Matter (SOM) with which you can look what SOM
> the elements have at a given temperature.

Exactly, there are five "looks", see below.

> 1) I am not sure if I should disable the "Look"-menu (while using the SOM) 
> in order to make it impossible to change the look (while you are using the
> SOM). This means to disable the _complete_ menu because there are no other
> entries in the menu. Annma has concerns about that.

Theoretically you can disable all entries in a menu, but not the menu itself.

> 2) The other way would be to disable the SOM as soon as the user changes to
> a look. In other words: The user is in the SOM and clicks on a look --> The
> SOM is diabled and Kalzium switches to the selected look.

How about a View menu with

Plain (current no color scheme)
Acid behavior
State of Matter

The first five are exclusive of each other, the last two can be toggled 

This leaves the Plot function, which will be the only entry in a Tools menu, 
or if you have a better idea.

In my opinion the Color scheme panel in the Configuration dialog should go 
away, it redundantly and confusingly duplicates the menu.

In Config/Misc:

Temperature Unit (group box title)
Degrees Celsius
Degrees Farenheit

(The word use is redundant)

In Element info dialog/Misc:

Discovery: <name of element> was discovered in <year>.


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