[kde-edu]: BasicMath KDE application

Alexander Schunk alexander_schunk at yahoo.de
Tue Jan 27 17:20:04 CET 2004

well, basically, this is a training application, like KPercentage.
The program will question simple exercises like: 10 + 30 = ? and the user should type in the answer.
I have heard about similar projects that were already in progress, but I missed to check out the link.

Sebastian Stein <s5228 at informatik.htw-dresden.de> wrote:
Alexander Schunk [040127 17:08]:
> thanks very much. This is indeed absolutely what i planned. A simple,
> straightforward Math programm that only supports basic mathematical
> operations.

Can you explain a little bit more in detail what you have imagined about
your program? Should it be a training application or more a teaching

KBruch: application to automatically generate tasks with fractions
Package: KDE Edu in KDE 3.2 (http://edu.kde.org/kbruch/)
CVS: kdeedu/kbruch
State: finished, no known bugs
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