[kde-edu]: kde-edu icons

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Mon Jan 19 22:29:20 CET 2004

Hi David, hi all.

First, thanks a lot for your work which is amazing.
In Summary:

- suppress the text on FlashKard as it cannot be translated. Any symbol will 
have different meaning in some languages so it seems better to leave the 
cards without symbols at all.
- get Kig maybe more contrasted
- KPercentage ok
- Kiten ok (except if the author says otherwise)

> > I've read at kde-look that everaldo will already include icons in
> > the next release of crystal, so maybe you don't need these icons
> > anymore... in any case I'll include them in my themes.
all icons? well, first we need to see if this is real and maybe then have a 
At the moment, it has not been made clear that all icons will be done by 
Everaldo and it's still the app's author that has to get his/her icon done.
The svg sources have not been made available for the existing crystal icons so 
I prefer not count on an uncertain future but rely on David's nice work.

> Yes, well, I'm not too sure about what to do with that.  I really like
> your icons a lot, especially the flashkard one is really nice.  But if
> official crystal icons are going to appear for the KDE-Edu apps, then
> I'm not sure whether we even *can* commit yours as cr-*-*-*.png.
> CC'ing kde-edu to ask the people's opinion there.
This icon problem has been first triggered by the fact that on Mac-OS (where 
KDE is currently ported) you need 128x128 icons and we had none. That's why 
we started looking into icons. In the KArtist list which I monitor, nothing 
has been said yet regarding the future of icons. So I would say that any 
commit of svg source and derived icons in cr16, 32, 48 and 128 is an 
improvement from what we currently have. 

Another point: we can commit the icons to HEAD but it would be better to wait 
for the 3_2_BRANCH after the release to be sure this BRANCH will be in the 
3.2.1 state. (I hope I get that correctly ;) When committing, remember to 
change the Makefile.am with
and remove the older statement for the icons.



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