[kde-edu]: KDE-Edu icons - Artist needed

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Thu Jan 8 16:40:56 CET 2004

Hi all

After my previous enquiry to kde-artist, I made a list of existing and missing 
icons for each edu application (list is attached).

Summary: all applications except KStars need a svg rendering for the 
application icons (it is not clear at the moment where the svg file should be 
committed in cvs).

From the svg file, the png icons in all format will be easily derived (with 
maybe a bit of work for 16x16).

So we need to start working on that, it would be nice to have it done before 
3.2 is out.
Any volonteer is welcome, even if you have only time for one icon! 

Thanks in advance,

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Icons in kdeedu
All apps need 128x128 + svg icons except KStars whose maintainer has the svg file but does not know where to commit it.
Most apps only have cr16 and cr32 (only KVerbos has not, Kiten has only cr16 and KTouch has hixx notation)

WORK TO BE DONE: the priority would be to have a svg rendering for each app (except KStars)
(all icons are easily derived from svg, only 16x16 might require a bit of extra work)

January 8th 2004, state of KDE-Edu apps regarding icons

cr16 cr32 cr48 
missing 128 + svg

cr16 cr32 lo16 lo32
missing 48 + 128 + svg
in the icons dir (i.e. icons for the toolbars): icons in size 32x32 in png. Some improvement is needed here. (in kalzium/src/icons)

cr16 cr32 lo16 lo32
missing 48 + 128 + svg

cr16 cr32 cr 48
missing 128 + svg
some icons used in the program could be improved (in keduca/resources/icons)

cr16 cr32 lo16 lo32
missing 48 + 128 + svg
some icons could be improved (in khangman/khangman/icons)

cr16 cr32 lo16 lo32
missing 48 + 128 + svg

cr-16 app icon only in kiten/pics
cr-16 and cr-22 icons for toolbars in kiten/pics
missing: 32x32 48x48 128x128 + svg

cr16 cr32 lo16 lo32
icons in klettres/klettres/pics only in 48x48 png
missing 48 + 128 + svg

cr16 and cr32, lo16 and lo32 in kmessedwords/pics
other icons in 16x16
missing: 48 + 128 + svg

cr16 cr32 lo16 lo32 in kmplot/pics
other icons in 22x22 for toolbars
missing: 48 + 128 + svg

cr16 cr32 lo16 lo32 in kpercentage/kpercentage/icons
missing: 48 + 128 + svg

cr16 cr32 cr48 lo16 lo32 in kstars/kstars/data
missing: 128 + svg

hi16 hi32 in ktouch/graphics
missing: 48 + 128 + svg

no KDE notation: span16.png in kverbos/kverbos
4 other icons in 16x16
missing: 16 + 32 + 48 + 128 + svg

cr16 cr22 cr32 cr48
missing: 128 + svg
other icons are .xpm

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