[kde-edu]: Updates

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Fri Feb 13 16:01:19 CET 2004


1) Thanks to Bojan Kverh, we now have an animated PushButton class code.
Source: http://edu.kde.org/contrib/tools/animatedPushButton.tar.gz
Will be useful for young-kids-oriented programs.

2) I updated the website, please have a special look at the development page
KDE_3_2_BRANCH is only for bugfixes and no strings addition, will lead to 
HEAD uses Qt 3.3 and will lead to 3.3, open for new features.

Some new links about using doxygen in your classes and some C++ pitfalls.

Please update the KDE-3.3 feature plan with the features you plan. It might be 
a good idea maybe to also have our own feature plan with the apps to update 
to new code (some code is quite old) and the icons that still need to be 
done, etc... Shall I start it?

3) KMathProf is in kdenonbeta, please check it out and send any idea for 
cvs co -l kdenonbeta
cvs co kdenonbeta/kmathprof
cd kdenonbeta
cvs co admin
make -f Makefile.cvs
su -c 'make install'

4) What about KWordQuiz? Is it in kdenonbeta yet?

5) I am working on KNewStuff, I hope it'll go soon to kdelibs as I have my new 
code only on my machine which I feel is precarious...
Should I leave only French in KLettres and get all other languages by download 
via KNewStuff? When I have English sounds, I can add them as default as well.
Same for KHAngMan, I plan to release it with fr, en and de and get all others 
via download.

Thanks for your attention,


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