[kde-edu]: KTurtle (and Logo?) Part II

Pino Toscano toscano.pino at tiscali.it
Thu Dec 16 23:19:54 CET 2004

uy2c04 ha scritto:
>>This is not a problem, because you can add the
>>classic Logo command as 
>>aliases of KTurtle commands.
> Ok... but...
> Following the manual... 
> learn fd(x)[
> forward x
> ]
> fd 20
> AND.... ERROR...
> The manual is erroneous... o I'm reading bad...
> The manual... say...
> /* Create your own commands.*/
> ...
> circle 20
> ...
> circle 50
> but... the correct is... 
> circle(20)
> circle(50)

Yes, you have to use the rounded brackets with self-defined functions. I 
believe this problem was already solved in head, so you'll use the form
circle 20
with kde 3.4.

>>>The size of the canvas, very little... where to
>>>configure the size...?
>>You have two ways to configure it:
>>1) Go Settings->Configure KTurtle->General page.
>>There you can specify 
>>KTurtle playground width and height at startup.
> In Fedora 3, doing this... CRASH... I'm using the
> source, KDE 3.3.2, :=)

This is bad... :-|
Then, use the manual way. Open your ~/.kde/share/config/kturtlerc and 
append to it the following lines:


Obviously replace the values I wrote with your preferred values. ( I 
wrote the default values for KDE 3.3.1 - but they should be the same for 
all KDE 3.3.x ).

Best regards,

Pino Toscano

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