[kde-edu]: KWordQuiz

Peter Hedlund peter at peterandlinda.com
Wed Nov 19 03:58:17 CET 2003

Dear All,

As some of you have already noted I have started on a KDE version of my 
flashcard and vocabulary program WordQuiz called KWordQuiz (what else...).

The program is still in very early development as I'm new to KDE and c++. I 
have no direct ambition to get the program included in the official KDE 
distribution right now. Nevertheless, it was a bit disappointing to have it 
considered redundant. My ambition is to create a program that is somewhere in 
between FlashKard and KVoctrain in features and complexity. It will be more 
feature rich than FlashKard without compromising ease of use in my opinion. 
Actually even easier to build lists. On the other hand it is not strictly 
geared towards language learning as KVoctrain is.

In addition, as I have more or less completely switched to Linux and KDE I 
wanted to give the users of WordQuiz the same ability. WordQuiz has been used 
successfully for several years by many individuals and schools.

I would appreciate any additional input you may have.

More info:

Thanks for your time,

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