[kde-edu]: Missing 'configure' in kdeedu distribution

John DeLuca kde-edu@kde.org
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 10:42:01 -0500

Searched FAQs but still have this question.
My question is in regard to kdeedu...

I just downloaded kdeedu environment using CVS per your instructions.  I =
told by all copies of 'INSTALL' to use 'configure' to set my environment =
up. =20
Also, 'configure.in' would create 'configure' using 'autoconf'.  Problem:=
files called 'configure' or 'configure.in' are supplied in any directory.=
Without this file, I get no Makefiles or environment setup.

Question:  How do I get these files?

Many thanks for your kind guidance.  Looking forward to enjoying and poss=
contributing to these applications.

John DeLuca