[kde-edu]: Project suggestion for Edutainment

Matthias Messmer kde-edu@kde.org
Sat, 4 Jan 2003 10:36:01 +0100

Hi all!

On Tuesday 31 December 2002 02:27, Ciaran Mulloy wrote:
> I would like to suggest two projects for the 12 to 16 year (and older) for
> social science category
> The software would provides infomration in a fun and interactive way on how
> the EU works, how european laws are made and enforced, how decisions in EU
> parliament are arrived at. There are many complex issues which need to be
> communicated to student and citizens.
> There is a strong need for such a fun way of learning about the EU
> institutions.

I see a discussion raising, if an EU-specific program is placed right an a 
common kde module. i personally find, its a good edu project, but i think it 
would probably have difficulties to stay in kde...

Perhaps a more common aproach, say "KParlament" with EU/USA/ASIA plugins... 

> 2nd suggestion: and educational interactive exploration providing
> information on different customs and cultures within countries in the EU
> (and soon to join). Make it an internet project that would allow schools
> and individuals to participate over the internet.
> The vision is to create a web-client application that could interact with a
> central database of information moderated and managed. It would allow the
> collection of interesting data (maybe as a result of classroom projects).
> The viewing and interpreting of this collected information would also be
> very educationally interesting.
> For example: the application could have a map of the EU with geography
> infomation compiled locally and availble for students throughout the EU.
> The map could be interactive in being able to access information.
> Allow simple projects such as collect and comparing many types of
> information ( for example: foods, prices of goods and services across the
> EU ( in euro equivalents))

This is more a database/net-based project with no KDE specific aspects, imho. 
If there would be a KDE Interface using the Database, it would probably not 
be that flexible as a web-interface...

> I am providing this as a bit of a brain dump. If there is interest in any
> of these ideas I would be interested in becoming involved. I am not a
> programmer, but would be happy to further develop and refine these ideas.

This is my worthless meaning about your suggestions. I think, we should have 
something geographical/political stuff in kdeedu, but its difficult cause of 
the policies of KDE.


Matthias Messmer