[kde-edu]: Trophees du libre

Philippe Fremy kde-edu@kde.org
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 17:57:06 +0100


A french organisation is holding a competition with Free Software. This is 
not reserved to french people only, it is open to anybody, organisation or 
people. The goal is "to reward the hard work accomplished by the developers 
who will be taking part in one the 6 categories available."

There are categories for education and for accessbility. I think both the 
KDE-Edu project and the KDE-Accessiblity project have their chance to win 

Even if they do not win anything, or if the prize is not that attracting, it 
is a chance to make people hear about the project.
You can find all the information here: 

If nobody objects, I would like to submit both the KDE Edu project and the 
KDE Accessibilty project. Of course, you can submit your project by 
yourself, I just propose to do it for you because I have the time and the 
opportunity to do it right now. We have to hurry because the dealine is feb 

If we ever win the prize, I suggest to give it to KDE e.v . Anyway, the 
important thing is to participate.



There is an old saying that says that if one million monkey type on a 
during 10 years, they might produce all Shakespeare works. Thank to usenet,
we now know this is not true.