[kde-edu]: results screen KVocTrain - unit name

Markus Büchele Markus.Buechele at web.de
Thu Dec 11 19:21:02 CET 2003

Hi Samuel,

I hope you have not been affected by the inundations in southern France and 
enjoy hacking on KVocTrain with dry feet. ;-)

When I was talking to a colleague about our project yesterday, I noticed that 
adding the name of the unit on the results screen would be a good idea.

I could imagine that the best place for this information would be on top of 
the window (in the blue bar - I don't know how it's called, window bar, 
perhaps) which could show something like 
"examination results: unit #NAME# - KVocTrain"

What do you think of that? Could you implement it, please?



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