[kde-edu]: forwarded message from Lalescu Liviu

Axel Kittenberger axel at kittenberger.net
Sun Apr 27 16:24:51 CEST 2003

Lalescu> Excuse me for being so upset. But GNU did not even try to evaluate 
Lalescu> this program, and they did not even give me a free page on 
Lalescu> sourceforge to put this program. Www.algorithms.ro is not my page. I 
Lalescu> do not even have a web page to put my program on!

Dear Lelescu, 

GNU and www.sourcefoge.net are not from the same provider, they have not much 
in common actually, but that sourceforge supports projects using the GNU 
license. Espicially the entity "gnu" does not exist, "gnu" is a project from 
the FSF. 

Well sourceforge offers a web page for every project having an OpenSource 
license, every this includes you. Just go to www.sourceforge.net and click on 
"register project", in one or two buisness days you have you webpage, cvs, 
forums, maillingslist and the all togheter.

Next for beeing hosted or evaluated by the FSF (which I mean you refer to) is 
a bit different. Mostly they are only interested in projects that are 
strategically for them. Look there is such a overwehlming amount of one-man 
small mini projects you cannot expect the FSF to rate them all.

Lalescu> PS: KDE-Edu is not a branch, a branch is a CVS term that is not what
Lalescu> you mean ;)  I'd go for the KDE-Edu subproject or sth like that :)

Well actually branch is a biolecial term. borrow it for what you want.

Lalescu> I will not please KDE to accept my program. They will ask me if they 
Lalescu> want it 

Well more or less that has just happened, hasn't it? 
But again you're after all a volunteer. To ask a volunteer to join is a break 
of the concept of volunteering. You cannot say they would need to ask me....

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