[kde-edu]: Fwd: Timetable program

Andreas Nicolai Andreas.Nicolai at gmx.net
Thu Apr 10 11:36:46 CEST 2003


In general I would really appreciate having such a program available under 
linux (and KDE). Whether it fits in the Edutainment section is a matter of 
discussion, I'd rather think it's a sort of management program.

But anyway, we really should find a good maintainer to make the graphical user 
interface for KDE although I would recommand creating the actual solver as a 
library (because this may be interesting for non-KDE users as well).

Is the solver already working as a module so that only the pre- and 
postprocessing has to be improved/implemented in KDE or is it all mixed?

In the first case it would be good that you (Eva) could maintain the solver 
part (since you know most of it) and somebody else just maintains the GUI. As 
far as I see it this program is perfectly suited for modularisation (or does 
the calculation algorithm need interactive input?).


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