[kde-edu]: project idea - Kreative writer

Richard Bos kde-edu@kde.org
Sun, 17 Nov 2002 23:07:25 +0100

Op zondag 17 november 2002 13:26, schreef nigel barker:
> Dear All
> I am an IT teacher, and also the person responsible for the school netw=
> at a small international school in Japan. Our network uses linux for
> servers, but windows on almost all desktops. I have just started to sne=
> in some linux/KDE desktops and the response from kids is favourable onc=
> they get over the initial confusion.
> For little kids, I really have to stick to windows. There is just so mu=
> good educational software. For big kids, say grade 8 and above, I can u=
> linux full time. In between, however, there is one killer app that need=
s a
> replacement, and that is MS Creative Writer. Its a totally funky and
> extremely slick mid-range word processor/desktop publisher. The word
> processing features are limited, but the graphics handling is very good=
> including clip art themes and seamless integration with word art and pa=
> and the user interface just makes kids want to do work - it is that coo=
> It needs a linux replacement.

Hi Nigel,

did you check out kword of the koffice project.  It should be able what y=
looking for, but it may be the clip art themes stuff.  However it integra=
great with the other koffice applications.  If you are able to provide th=
clip art themes I guess you're settled.  You may want to drop an email at=
koffice@kde.org emaillist.

Richard Bos
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