[kde-edu]: Fwd: KDE_3_0_BRANCH opened

Andy Fawcett kde-edu@kde.org
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 09:12:52 +0200

Forwarded from other places, for your information. Please read carefully if 
you maintain an application in KDE CVS, as this is of extreme importance.


>From: Dirk Mueller <dmuell@gmx.net>
>To: kde-core-devel@kde.org
>Cc: kde-devel@kde.org, kde-i18n-doc@kde.org
>I've just added the above mentioned branch to the following modules:
>Please note that the branch is called ARTS_1_0_BRANCH for the module "arts".
>The code in this branch will be released as KDE 3.0.1 soon (exact release
>date is not yet fixed, but I suggest about 4-6 weeks from now on). Therefore
>please focus on (critical) bugfixes in this branch. If possible, get
>your patch tested/reviewed before committing. Please remember that any
>source (or even binary) incompatible API change is discouraged.
>Its not yet clear if i18n string changes are allowed in this branch (needs
>coordination with translators / coolo for the script first). Even if they
>are, they're limited to changes that are "important" (i.e. are required for
>fixing a bug in the application behavior or in the UI interface).
>HEAD is open for non-KDE 3.0.x related commits again. However, I'd like to
>kindly ask you to focus on the 3_0_BRANCH for now to make sure that KDE
>3.0.1 is going to be rock stable :-)
>I would like to say a big thank you to all of you for your hard work
>during the last months. It was astonishing to see that so many artists,
>developers, documentors and translators can work together quite nicely on
>such a huge project.
>I've counted about 60000 commits related to KDE 3.0 from hundreds of people,
>scattered all over the world. I think we reached a pretty well shape within
>our timeframe. So don't forget to party when we announce next week :-)
>PS: If you want to be RD for KDE 3.1, then now would be good time to speak
>up. There were a few people criticizing my role, therefore I want to give
>them a chance to make a better job. I volunteer being RD for the KDE 3.0.x
>series, and I don't mind managing 3.1 as well. However, as this job is
>pretty time consuming, especially short before releases, it might be a good
>idea distribute the job on two people. Volunteers welcome :-)
>Thanks for reading,

Andy Fawcett