[kde-edu]: new icons

Jason Harris kde-edu@kde.org
Fri, 8 Feb 2002 12:43:39 -0500


Thanks for doing the icon(s), Primoz.  I like the idea of subcategories, but 
do we know what the subcategories are going to be yet?  It seems like there 
are too few apps for specific categories like "Chemistry" and "Math".  Maybe 
categories like "Math and Science", "Words and Grammar", "Teaching 
Tools"...that sort of thing?  What do you think?

More specifically:
+ Math & Science:  Kalzium, KGeo, KStars, KTimes
+ Words & Grammar:  KVocTrain, Konjugate, KHangman, KMessedWords, 
                              KLatin, KLettres, KVerbos, KTouch(?)
+ Teaching Tools: Keduca

Just an idea,

KStars: A K Desktop Planetarium