[kde-edu]: Project suggestion for Edutainment

Ciaran Mulloy kde-edu@kde.org
Tue, 31 Dec 2002 01:27:53 +0000

I would like to suggest two projects for the 12 to 16 year (and older) for 
social science category 

The software would provides infomration in a fun and interactive way on how 
the EU works, how european laws are made and enforced, how decisions in EU 
parliament are arrived at. There are many complex issues which need to be 
communicated to student and citizens. 
There is a strong need for such a fun way of learning about the EU 

2nd suggestion: and educational interactive exploration providing information 
on different customs and cultures within countries in the EU (and soon to 
join). Make it an internet project that would allow schools and individuals 
to participate over the internet. 
The vision is to create a web-client application that could interact with a 
central database of information moderated and managed. It would allow the 
collection of interesting data (maybe as a result of classroom projects). The 
viewing and interpreting of this collected information would also be very 
educationally interesting.

For example: the application could have a map of the EU with geography 
infomation compiled locally and availble for students throughout the EU. The 
map could be interactive in being able to access information.
Allow simple projects such as collect and comparing many types of information 
( for example: foods, prices of goods and services across the EU ( in euro 

I am providing this as a bit of a brain dump. If there is interest in any of 
these ideas I would be interested in becoming involved. I am not a 
programmer, but would be happy to further develop and refine these ideas.

Ciaran Mulloy
Dublin, Ireland
email: cmulloy@esatclear.ie