[kde-edu]: moving Kig from kdenonbeta to kdeedu..

Dominique Devriese kde-edu@kde.org
17 Dec 2002 21:16:57 +0100

Dominique Devriese writes:

> Hi I'm the author of Kig, a high school math program in
> kdenonbeta/kig.  On the list kde-edu@mail.kde.org, it was approved
> to be moved into kdeedu for KDE 3.2 some time ago:
> http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-edu&m=103548168616853&w=2 Since I would
> prefer to keep the cvs history around, i would be thankful if you
> could do the move on the cvs server itself.  Thanks domi

For the record, and in case someone missed it, David Faure has been so
kind to react very quickly to my whining ;) and Kig is now in the
kdeedu module

You need more time; and you probably always will.