[kde-edu]: Language an geography-ideas

Geert Stams kde-edu@kde.org
Mon, 8 Apr 2002 21:28:17 +0200


On Mon, 8 Apr 2002 14:03:20 +0200
Matthias Messmer <bmlmessmer@web.de> wrote:

> At school first of all the vocabulars are used to be learned, that are 
> mentioned in the work book introduced at that school. So at another school 
> with another work book some other vocs are needed. See, most of the school 
> book publishers who distribute voc-train-progs even sort their vocs by work 
> book chapters...

This is a standard problem with all of the books used in schools, these all use a slightly different learning scheme. Words should be in a format that teachers can enter them.
> In my oppinion the vocs should be sorted by context and in relation to 
> phrases. But that is more complex to be checked by computer progs.

I totally agree on this. It is most important for dyslectic children to put the word in context with it's meaning. 

Maybe the words could be in a format so that these can be used for the new spelling app as well.

I agreed with Anne-Marie on dividing the words in syllabels so that the words seperated by a ;  (com;pu;ter), a tedious job I am doing at the moment. Maybe the same standard should be used for Kvoctrain as well. The words could be used for spelling (klearnspelling,khangman,kmessedwords) and kvoctrain...! Giving an extra dimension!




I have no experience in teaching other languages, and donnot know if a spelling problem does exists (but why not).

Maybe Ktopo could be converted to read a 'clickable map' html-type file....I donnot know anything about coding....just an idea. There should be teachers who could make such a file.

So my one cent worth..