[kde-doc-english] Outdated entities in kdoctools

Burkhard Lück lueck at hube-lueck.de
Sun May 17 09:57:39 UTC 2015


kdoctools has these obsolte/outdated two entities:

1) install-compile.docbook
<para>For detailed information on how to compile and install &kde; 
applications see
Building and Running KDE Software From Source</ulink></para>

<para>Since &kde; uses <command>cmake</command> you should have no 
trouble compiling it. Should you run into problems please report them to the 
&kde; mailing lists.</para>

techbase url is outdated

2) install-intro.docbook
<!-- requires that packagename is defined in the documentation prologue
<para>&kappname; is part of the &kde; project &kde-http;.</para>

<para>&kappname; can be found in the &package; package on &kde-ftp;, 
the main &FTP; site of the &kde; project.</para>

KDE does not release "packages" anymore (exception Calligra and kdepim?) but 
tarballs of single git repos.
&kde-ftp; and &FTP; are gone you can get source tarballs afaik only via 

The target audience of our docbooks are users installing packages from 
distribution; not users building from sources.
It is impossible to provide enough infos how to build from sources in just one 
or two paras and it is apparently impossible to keep such infos up to date.

So my proposal:

A) Remove the appendix "Installation" with the two entities 1) + 2) and the 
entity "package" in the header from all docbooks in kf5 based applications (61 
occurrences) in master. 

B) Notify translators list about this change and rebuild all language docbooks 
to get rid of this appendix in all docbooks in trunk

C) Notify kde-core-devel at kde.org about this change and remove the two entities 
1) + 2) from kdoctools. From now on no application with the appendix 
installation in a docbook has to remove this appendix to build in kf5.


Burkhard Lück

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