kdesrc-build tutorial moved to develop.kde.org

Thiago Masato Costa Sueto herzenschein at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 22:01:03 GMT 2024

Hi everyone,

Due to relatively recent events concerning the development tutorials, I've
ported most of the kdesrc-build tutorial from the Community wiki[1] over to
Develop[2]. This email is to notify you all.

The port was also done to make the text friendlier and more presentable, as
some parts had vital information but were not presented as well as they
could be.

While this means the Community wiki is no longer the single hub entrypoint
for all Get Involved pages, this also means that:

* We now have a review process to ensure the quality of our development

* It's more difficult to introduce "content creep", when there's a gradual
increase of information that isn't strictly necessary to be there

* Building KDE software is no longer far away from the place where you'd
read about how to write KDE software

* The content is written in Markdown (much nicer than MediaWiki) with
nicely documented formatting and styling guidelines[3]

* The UX should be nicer, as everything is linked properly, there are two
sidebars to navigate, missing links can be tested in CI

* It's effectively docs-as-code[4]

* The tutorial is more easily extensible, as it's no longer designed solely
around kdesrc-build and allows for more content (like containers, VMs,
Craft) in a single section

So far only the essentials for building with kdesrc-build have been ported.
Information such as "how do I integrate kdesrc-build with my IDE?" or "how
do I build with containers?" can be added later (Develop is set up to
accomodate for those easily).

This has been made possible by standing on the shoulders of giants, namely
the people who added the contents to the wiki in the first place, but it
also means it's a lot of content to port completely. I'll be updating the
Kirigami and Plasma tutorials to Qt6 at around the same timeframe, so it
might take a while.

[1] - https://community.kde.org/Get_Involved/development
[2] - https://develop.kde.org/docs/getting-started/building/
[3] - https://develop.kde.org/docs/contribute/
[4] - https://www.writethedocs.org/guide/docs-as-code/
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