Markdown Tools - Request for a Sponsor

Igor Mironchik igor.mironchik at
Fri Mar 15 11:16:30 GMT 2024


This is a set of applications to work with Markdown, including editor, HTML
preview viewer, converter to PDF.

I use my own libraries for command line parsing and configuration files. 
Of course, these libraries
will be thrown out in favor of the KDE infrastructure.

Library for parsing Markdown (md4qt) can't be thrown...

HTML preview part can be migrated to markdownpart and do amazing 
Markdown preview
in Kate in GitHub's style, look at the screenshots. For this I need md4qt,
QWebEngineView, custom Open Source CSSs and JavaScripts.

md4qt may become a part of brilliant KF6 framework.

This Markdown editor may use markdownpart for HTML preview.

Guys, it's doable. I have a lot of time, and can do it.

What do you think?

Sorry, guys, I'm alone. My name is Igor Mironchik. But I have a lot of 
time and wish to work on this project under KDE. Anyway I will continue 
my work on GitHub if you will reject me.

This project was started in different repositories:

And at near time was merged in

Now it here, in KDE Incubator.

Thank you.

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