KDE Gear projects with failing CI (release/24.02) (5 March 2024)

Mark mrpenner at mailbox.org
Wed Mar 6 13:03:04 GMT 2024

Mar 6, 2024 01:44:45 Ben Cooksley <bcooksley at kde.org>:

>> kwave - 1st week
>>  * https://invent.kde.org/multimedia/kwave/-/pipelines/622278
>>   * Linux build fails, complains that neither rsvg nor convert are installed
> KWave is now incompatible with building on OpenSUSE i'm afraid, as they don't provide rsvg as an executable under the "rsvg" name.
> The best they can do is rsvg-convert (which is hopefully the same thing).

rsvg-convert should work, I think. (That's what KWave uses when I build on my computer running Debian unstable) Relevant CMake line: https://invent.kde.org/multimedia/kwave/-/blob/master/doc/CMakeLists.txt?ref_type=heads#L36

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