Post-MegaRelease projects

Nicolas Fella nicolas.fella at
Sat Mar 2 22:24:04 GMT 2024

On 2/22/24 22:57, Nate Graham wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Congrats to the entire KDE community on the impending launch of the
> KDE 6 MegaRelease! I'm so impressed with how folks came together to
> make it amazing. It's a very impressive release and I think people are
> gonna love it.
> I've started pondering post-megarelease projects. We've spent so long
> on porting and bugfixing that I think it might be useful to shift
> gears to feature work, and I'd like to brainstorm potential
> large-scale projects and gauge the level of interest in putting
> resources into them soon.
> Here are some ideas of mine to get the creative juices started:
> * David's input method playground stuff [1] is amazing and needs to be
> developed and productized
> * GNOME's Libadwaita app platform has been a runaway success for them;
> evaluate our offerings in comparison and see what we can do better
> * Unified theming infrastructure for KDE apps, GTK apps, and Plasma.
> ** Relatedly: QML/JS in themes is dangerous; move away from it
> * Start adding release notes to our apps' AppStream metadata [2]
> * Finish up and ship the new Breeze icons
> * HIG is outdated and mostly ignored, and needs an overhaul to make it
> useful
> * Telemetry system has not proved to be very useful and needs an overhaul
> * is full of low-quality or broken content; make a push
> for KDE people to take ownership of content moderation, QA, etc. Also
> any relevant and needed tech improvements
> * Our virtual keyboard situation is not great and needs focused work
> * KWallet needs an overhaul
> * Have KWin (optionally) remember window positions on Wayland
> * Build a "System misconfiguration detection hub" app [3]
> Feel free to discuss, and propose your own!
> Nate
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]


some ideas for strategically useful things:

- finalize the move away from Qt5/KF5 by porting remaining projects

- Update our QML code to make use of modern practices/tools (qmllint,
qmlformat, qmlcachegen, qmltc, qmlls etc)

- Invest in making it possible to write KDE-aligned apps in other
languages (IMO the most relevant contenders would be Python and Rust
since these are popular and there's prior art for using them with Qt)

- Work towards bringing features from our widgets-based frameworks
(configurable toolbars/shortcuts, KHamburgerMenu, KCommandBar etc) to
QML apps

Don't take this as a "I am going to work on this" list, but I'd be happy
to assist with any of the listed topics.



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