Automation & Systematization sprint in Berlin in late April

Nate Graham nate at
Fri Mar 1 04:48:44 GMT 2024

Quick update on this. the dates are now locked in, but we're still 
finalizing a venue in Berlin. More information will be provided as it 
becomes available.

Thanks for your patience here, everyone!


On 1/31/24 16:26, Nate Graham wrote:
> Hello folks!
> I'd like to gauge interest in an in-person sprint supporting the 
> Automation & Systematization goal. Right now we are targeting Berlin on 
> April 19th - April 24th. KDE e.V. has budget available to help with 
> travel and lodging costs.
> This will be a triple-threat sprint, with the Accessibility and 
> Sustainability sprints co-located. People interested in multiple topics 
> will be able to jump between them if they want.
> Topics for the Automation & Systematization sprint might include:
> - Writing tests
> - Fixing failing tests
> - Making tests mandatory to pass
> - Documenting how to write good tests
> - Updating outdated documentation
> - Transition documentation to code (e.g. making kdesrc-build or the new 
> kde-builder tool do more itself, so we don't have to write so much about 
> it in our documentation)
> - Make a push for enabling clang-format for more repos
> - Make a push to put release notes in AppStream metadata
> - Improve our AppStream CI job to require or recommend more things
> - Make a CI job to enforce as much of the onboarding/new repo checklist 
> as possible, and make enabling it be a part of the process
> These are just ideas; the folks who attend will be the ones who guide 
> the agenda.
> Let me know if you're interested so I can get a sense of the level of 
> attendance!
> Nate

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