[GSoC] Interest in applying

Benson Muite benson_muite at emailplus.org
Mon Apr 1 11:27:51 BST 2024


On 31/03/2024 16.16, tmpod wrote:

> After carefully reading your approved ideas page, the ones that
> stand                                                                                                                           out more to me are:
> * Improving Lokalize's suggestions (I'm a big supporter of quality i18n)

Thanks for your interest in this. Please subscribe to:
You may wish to also join the associated Matrix room:

There is also a Portuguese mailing list:

> * Sharing non-text clipboard content with KDEConnect (KC is an amazing
>  and pretty unique tool)
> * Improve forms/javascript support in Okular (I think Okular is a great
>  PDF reader already, but it does lack good forms support, something
>  increasingly more useful nowadays)
> I am aware of the very tight deadline and that it may be hard to write a
> community-backed proposal now, but unfortunately I was only made aware
> of Google's program a couple of days ago. Still, I'm going to try my
> best to write a quality proposal until Tuesday.
> If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Typically need to find a mentor - many people do start applications
early and have made prior contributions to KDE.  In addition to the
contact methods listed for each of the projects you find interesting,
you might also want to post to:

KDE does also organize Season of KDE at the beginning of every year,
though contributions to KDE projects are welcome also outside of these
> I'd love to further discuss these with you.
> Kind regards,
> ~tmpod
> PS: To all celebrating Easter (and not hehe!), I hope you have wonderful
> Sunday.

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