The modern way to include our CI templates in your .gitlab-ci.yml

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Tue Oct 31 22:37:49 GMT 2023

Hi everybody,

TL,DR: Use include:project when including CI templates in your .gitlab-ci.yml, 
  - project: sysadmin/ci-utilities
      - /gitlab-templates/linux-qt6.yml
      - /gitlab-templates/freebsd-qt6.yml
      - /gitlab-templates/android-qt6.yml
      - /gitlab-templates/reuse-lint.yml
      - /gitlab-templates/flatpak.yml


Some of our CI templates are making use of local includes (think a KDE 
Frameworks header that includes another header from the same framework with 
#include "other.h"). Unfortunately, local includes are incompatible with our 
old way to include the CI templates, i.e.

If you try this with the (still experimental) craft-android-apks.yml template, 
then GitLab will be very unhappy and tell you
| Unable to create pipeline
| * Local file `gitlab-templates/craft-android-base.yml` does not have project!

Therefore, we have to switch to the "modern" include:project [1]. This format 
also offers an intuitive way to include CI templates from a work branch if you 
are hacking on the CI templates and want to test them by adding a `ref`, e.g.
  - project: sysadmin/ci-utilities
    ref: work/kloecker/improve-craft-templates
      - /gitlab-templates/craft-android-apks.yml

More information about our CI system can be found at

And a brief description of our CI/CD templates can be found at


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