KDE Gear features list

Carl Schwan carl at carlschwan.eu
Mon Nov 27 21:49:04 GMT 2023


I started working on the announcement for the the megarelease. For Plasma, 
Nate collected all the new user facing changes here:

I would appreciate if gear app maintainers and contributors could do the same 
for KDE gear: https://community.kde.org/Gear/Gear_24.02 I just need a link to 
commit, MR or bug report and a few words about the change.

I'm also working on a sliglty tweeaked format for the announcement which would 
allow to mention both the big major changes as well as more minor improvements 
than previously. So don't mind also adding more minor changes to the wiki 
page, but I can't promise I will manage to mention everything.

If you posted your progress already on a blog post (like we do in KDE PIM) a 
link to that is also great.


PS: if you are interested in seeing the WIP state for the announcement 
webpage, feel free to contact me privately. I'm just not posting it here so 
that it doesn't end up on Reddit.

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